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Jessica Hawthorn

Efficient oral processing shows up in the hadrosauriformes Theyre specialized for chewing and communicationThe group is primarily laurasian NA Asia and Europe This iswhere they originate but migrate down into SA and even to the Antartic by the end of Cretaceous Protohadros is important The professor named itWhat is the function of that wide beak It is most probably a cropping device When animals crop they use their front teeth and nibble at vegetation Food is then brought into the muth and pushed backward A horse has a similar arrangement to thisThere are two gropus of duck billed dinosaurs One is called the hadrosaurinae the other is called the labeosaurinaeHollow series of tubes that lead to the back of the mouth These may be species specific crests for generating specific noises alarm calls mating calls They may also be visual display They couldve made noise and then glowedThe opening to your nose communicates with your soft palateThe world that dinosaurs lived in in the creataceous is one of extreme change ending with a massive extinction eventCretaceous continental fragmentation sea level rises rapid climate change At teh beginning of hte cretaceous you have laurasia northern and gondwana southerngondwana begins to fragment Africa and SA begin to separate They form the south atlantic ocean The north atlantic ocean is opening as NA separates from EU India breaks off and does somethingit becomes an island continent from about 100 million to 40 mya It is an island movi
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