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#22 Muscle 2

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B Stewart

Muscle 2some muscle fibers can generate their own action potentialsneuromuscular activity controls muscle contractionsCoupling experiment 2 vary the concentration of potassium thus altering membrane potential The amount of force generated by the muscleincreases as the membrane potential becomes more positivegoing back to skipped cells why Ttubules important Ttubules are in line with Zdisks Stimulate near Ttubules and you see contraction of adjoining sarcomeres Stimualte between to Ttubules and you see no contractionsarcoplasmicreticulum Plasma membrane that surrounds a certain part of the sarcomere with extensions called transverese tubules ttubeles Creates a tube down insde the muscle cellmembrane depolarization or Aps carried deep into the muscle by Ttubles Depolarization from the motor nerveleads to ve neurotranmistted entering msucle cell and are then carried by the Ttubules though out all muscledihydropyrdimne receptor and Ryanodine receptor myoplasm is intracellular ttubule is extracellular Initially in the myoplasm intracellular where all the msucle structures are has a negative potential if the membrane potental is depolarized in the myoplasm then there is a ph
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