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#21 Muscle

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MuscleMyofibirlmyofibersmuscles lots of mitochondria everything happen in the myofibril stagesarcomere the space between z discs Shortening occurs at the sarcomerewatch in slide show mode myosin and actin filaments two main parts of the banding parten of the sarcomere actin on zdiskthin Filaments myosin in the center thick filaments titin largest protein produced by any cell Attachment on the Z disk and makes an association with the actin filament Has an elastic property to it green line in the middle is called M lineone end of a myosin filament to another yosin filament with actin inside the range and the Z disk right in the middle of itaactinin antiparellel One binds one actin and the other aactin binds to another actin andthey are binded togetherProvides stability and structure cap z caps the actin to stop it from getting longer stopping it at that region within the zdiskmyomesin binds to myosin and titi
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