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Angela B Lange

BIO310 Lecture notes 2allows us to see much more detail and to see structuresphospholipids are polar fatty acid chains are nonpolar empathic both polar and non polar transmembrane proteins are empathic peripheral proteins dont pass the membrane at all but interact with many other proteins integral proteins are proteins that are necessary for the functioning of the cell membranecell membrane is fluid dynamic lipid rafts parts of the membrane where there isnt fluidity more rigid will find more cholesterol there glycoproteins gives information to neighboring cells for instance to say that they do belong there in the body also can be sued to anchor to other cellssimplest ways to move things across membranes passive doesnt require energy hgiher temp increases movement and collisionsmore diffusion mass of the molecule the heavierless diffusion surface area the surface area of how much area is avialable for diffusion the bigger the surface areamor diffusion medium AIR diffusion water diffusionsmall uncharged thus easy to pass semipermeablechannels are selective for specific for certain ions for volatagegated if a me
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