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Angela B Lange

BIO310 Lecture notes 9the blue is the right side blue is deoxygenated red is oxygenated pair of atrium and ventricles right atrium has blood coming from the head and the lower parts of the body heart pumps blood to the systemic circuit and pulmonary circuit goal of the heart is that it pumps blood through out the body and oxygenates it goes right atrium collecting chamber of deoxygenated blood and then moves into right ventricle through the RIGHT AV tricuspid valve the valves open when pressure is high enough change in pressure when the pressure increases in the atrium the chordae tendineae works has a harness to prevent it from having the valve going back up when pressure increases in thepassively moving into the heart and actively going out veins brings blood back to the heart arteries takesoxygenatedblood away the two ventricles contract at the same time and the two atriums contract at the same timeonly muscle that deosnt require neural activity has its own regulatory system and differnt electrical potential from skeletal musclesskeletal muscles have their own sateliete cells that works as a repair system replacing damaged cells smooth cells have peresitesthat work to do the samething heart muscle does not have this availability to the extent of the smooth and sketlal msucle only about 1 percent repairsmooth muscles are
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