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BIO310 Lecture notes 11large pressure difference from the right atria 0 in comparision to the left atria blood leafves from the left at high pressure and returns to the right at very low pressure when u dehydrate u have less water in your body and this increases blood cell concentrationchange in blood cell production living in high altitudesincrease in CO decreases pH2 ocntrols individual muscles so that they set a good controlintrinsic no horomones or neural signals from the nervous system example of flow autoregualtion is kidneymonitors artertial pressure in organ via baroreceptors seen a drop of pressure as a drop of lowdialtion of arterioles is location specific at a muscle IFthey have b2 receptoss not that importnat i dont thinkheart and brain are the most important tissues so it is important that they can regulate themselves0 this blood flow not cardiac outputlocal because every msucle is acting adn working differentlynotice that end diastolic ventricular volume is also at the end of the last system
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