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Angela B Lange

BIO310 Lecture notes 5NS and hormone system work together to help us deal with stressdesicion processfirst test MC and SAwhat happens when hormones dont work the way they should growth hormone has to be regulated puts stress on all the entire body system diff amounts of hormon3s releaseddifferent times in liveoften secodnary messengers are used ex Gcoupled protein receptors0it takes hormones longer to work than neurotransmitters via neurons but hormones can act on more than one receptor at a time in contrast neurotransmitters from neurons can only work on the receptors of the next neuronsun tanning releasing hormones that cause the release of malnin that moves up to the skin to give color thyroid gland creates thyroxin that leads to whole series of metabolic effects on nutrieints storied in our body changing the way some thing looks puberty with males growing face hails and adding mass and a lower voice females with bigger breasts higher voice ex testosterone again like morphogenetic effects typically icnreases the effects of aggressionthis is how insulin was found at UofT ablation in this case removing the pancreas showing diabetic symptoms replacement putting back the pancreas or just restoring its effects with its chemicals reduction in diabetic symptoms pr
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