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2nd half Lecture 2

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Darryl Gwynne

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Lecture 2 Adaptation: A trait that increases the fitness of its bearer and that evolved for that specific role The biological environment (natural enemies in other species (parasites), conspecific rivals & potential mates) represents a set of constantly changing (evolving) selection pressures This has led to host-race formation in some species -> can lead to speciation. But did not happen in cuckoos because males can mate with female from any race. Behavioural and other adaptations in different populations can lead to population divergence even in sympatric populations Given the social biology of cuckoos, however, sympatric speciation is unlikely Parasites Manipulating Hosts Hypothesis Testing & the Culture of Science Parasite wasp larvae live inside caterpillar which then acts maternally! Caterpillar not care for own offspring! Flukes make ants go to top of vegetation where the ant gets eaten by a cow! Malaria: mosquito -> human (some parasites go through different hosts) Horsehair worm infects aquat
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