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2nd half Lecture 3

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Darryl Gwynne

Lecture 3 The power of parasites. A popular hypothesis: parasites control the behaviour of the host (extended phenotype) Phenotype can encompass other bodies. The culture of science (1): The importance of addressing alternative hypotheses e.g. Evidence to support the parasite manipulation hypothesis over the illness and other hypotheses - - proximate evidence to test an ultimate hypothesis (2) The decline of effect sizes when studies are repeated (the so called wearing off of scientific truth). Found in scientific endeavours in some cases as different as animal behaviour and tests of drug efficacy. Conflict Between and Within the Sexes: Sexual Dimorphism Male Bowerbirds build a structure (extended phenotype) to attract females. Spider web (extended phenotype) HangflyScorpion fly: male genetilia looks like scorpion tail. Male makes balls form end of abdomen which are powerful pheromones to attract the females. Males catch prey then signal for the female who struggles for the prey. Male copulates as they struggle for the prey. Female reject or break up quickly if prey is small. Males break up if have a big prey because can use it to mate with other fem
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