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Lecture 6

2nd half Lecture 6

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Darryl Gwynne

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Lecture 6 Slide 1 Male Battles and the Evolution of Sneaky Sex: Assessing the social environment & Phenotypic Plasticity Selective maintenance of alternative phenotypes Beetles are 22% of multicellular organisms! Male Battles and the Evolution of Sneaky Sex From: Scarabs roll dung into sphere to lay their eggs into it! Onthophagus acuminatus -> most species use dung. Central American, tropical rain forest species that uses monkey dung Beetles burrow under dung pat rather than rolling dung Dung varies (seasonallydailyhourly) in amount -> cant predict. Dung varies seasonally in quality. When fruits are available to monkeys, dung is high quality. However, when only leaves are available, dung is of low quality Two male types: if larger than most rivals, guard female; if smaller than most rivals, sneak matings Dung beetle biology There is only a main burrow entrance that the resident male guards. But, sneakers can enter by
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