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Lecture 6

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 6 - Courtship video o Spider trying to mate a female spider (but she was already dead) - Last day summary o Power of parasites  A popular hypothesis: parasites control the behaviour of the host (“extended phenotype”) o The culture of science (1): the importance of addressing alternative hypotheses o E.g. evidence to support the parasite manipulation hypotheses over the “illness” and other hypotheses – proximate evidence to test an ultimate hypothesis - And… - Lehrer’s conclusion o Stern response to Lehrer’s conclusion - A pattern: sexual dimorphism; A process: sexual selection o Male on top o Female bottom - Spider pictures o Nice colours o Smaller animals also exhibit amazing dimorphisms and behaviour - Pictures o Peacock and the peahen o Elephant seals  Huge male with big nose o Invertebrates (spider) o Beetles o Deep sea fish  Huge female and little parasitic male o Wettas??  Male with a harem  Monopolizing the harem o Humans  Males and females are different - How are the sexes different? o Caring for offsprings o Males compete o Sexual genitalia o Size of egg vs. sperm o Vocalizations and pheromes  Male are usually the singing one - How are the sexes different? o Ornaments and armaments (usually males) o Mate choice (usually females) o Sexual competitiveness (usually males) o Risky mating behaviour (usually males) o Mating mistakes (males)  Sometimes males mate with unanimated objects
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