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BIO318 Lecture - Naked mole rats video - Factors leading to the origin of eusociality o Haplodiploidity has been debunked o Workers warn the scout o Why hymenopta evolved to eusociality  Mother and offspring • Maternal care; stingers  Toxin that will paralyze prey, but eusocial venom are used to drive away other predators - Female competition, reproductive skew and selfishness in eusocial insects o Evolution of honest signals - Polisted Carolina: most foundresses are full sisters o Not as aggressive as hornets o More than one queen is needed to found a successful nest o Hooks that works as a walking stick - Polistes paper wasps - A selfish…. - Dominulus nest - Different markings of the females; the dominant one will chew up the other female’s eggs so that her eggs are the only ones around and then the rest becomes workers - Groups of (totipotent) overwintered females found nests In Spring o Get promoted to direct fitness by being the new queen - It’s hard for one queen to create a nest o Predation risk o Hard to get everything set up in the first 30 days - In fact… - Individuals can be spott
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