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Lecture 17

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture - Zebra spider and its cuckoo mimic, snowberry fly o The name was taken but fruit flies are pest - Picture wing flies o The wings has an ant image on each wing o But why? o Is it mimicry of ants? - Last lecture on eusociality: “intrinsic” (genetic) hypothesis o People ignored ecology o Indirect fitness hypothesis for origin of eusociality in Hymenoptera o Rejection of haplo-diploidy asymmetry (0.5 vs. 0.75) favouring sister raising (Hamilton) o Support for selection……. - However o Coefficient of relationship (r) can be high between siblings in some species due to: o ……. - Thrips (order Thysanoptera) – eusocial forms in Australia o Little crawling thing on plants o Goards formed on the leaves and when you cut in half, there are lots of thrips living inside o Two types  Winged foundress (queen who lays all the eggs)  Wingless female solider  What’s different is that, the males are also workers o The workers have wide pulpal forearms with thorny things, they’re weapons to disable and dispatch any creatures who comes near the nest o Male thrips fight to the death with their forearms - Another example of hypothesis testing using history o Black lines are eusocial o Grey lines are solitary o There’s one node of eusocial, but some species turned to solitary species o r, between the workers and the goard nest; what kind of indirect fitness the sister get in terms of helping the queen have more children o Fis = the number of inbreeding  0.58 is a high number for inbreeding - Why aren’t all honey bees altruistic towards all the other honey bees but only within the hive? o Identical by descent o It’s because of recent ancestry  Not just about genes, but alleles - Conclusion by Chapman et al (2000) o Quote - B
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