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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 21 - Last day: plants can assess their environments to o Increase chemical defences when eavesdropping on the “chemical screams” of other species o “call in” enemies of their own natural enemies o Assess operational sex ratios to adaptively adjust their own sex ratios (monoecious species) o When detecting close kin neighbours, restrain their own “competitive root expansion” - Selective thinking o “No theory about anything extrinsic in the universe will ever hold so much intrigue or encounter as much resistance as a theory about ourselves” R.D. Alexander - D. Gwynne’s ancestral fertility o More than 50% drop in fertility rate (from 7 offsprings to about 2-3) - “the demographic transition” o Same trend is going on around the world o First decade in last century started dropping by more than half to present day o Correlates with industrial revolution - Are our modern environments so different from those of our ancestral hunter/gatherer ancestors that much of our behaviour is no longer adaptive? - An example of recent selection o In monogamous populations in Finland (1760-1849) o Most of the opportunity for selection = survival to adulthood and offspring – production success (fertility) o Variance in mating success contributed more to reproductive success in males than females o (HOW did they estimate male mating success?) - Graph of relationship between number of marriages and number of children in males and females o Male slope is greater than female slope o Conclude that there were sexual selection on males over females o What was under sexual selection?  Not mentioned in the article - Lactose tolerance in humans is higher in societies that milk o A lot of groups are lactose tolerant o Lactose intolerance are in adults and based on ancestry o Lactose tolerance example = gene
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