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Lecture 19

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 19 - Video - Review of last lecture o Direct benefits of altruism: inheriting the opportunity for direct reproduction  Learn the general area or learn the ropes from other adults so that they could reproduce later on  Ex. Queen joining non-relatives can gain some benefits o Badges of dominance/quality: what prevents dishonest signaling?  If you can’t back it up with staying pattern, the more you’re going to be harassed by dominating queens o System: Polistes paper wasps - Bridging social and sexual theory o Kin selection in mating systems: a quantitative analysis of Hamilton’s prediction o A unified theory of social selection - Kin selection and cooperative courtship in wild turkeys o Display in 2 or more males o Coalition; more muscle and power against other rivals  Still one male is dominant o Males turkeys display in groups and 2-4 males (mainly 2) form coalitions to court females and keep other coalitions away o One male dominant o Like the female queens, only one dominant and then she’ll chew up other eggs of other females o Usually siblings - Coalition members are close relatives o Moms and offsprings average .5 o Full siblings average .5 o Half siblings are kind of low about .15 o Coalition average .4, so they’re highly related o Genes identical by descent by recent common ancestors  Not genes in general shared - Altruism increases the fitness of the dominant male o Why would subordinates do it? o Hamilton’s theory would explain it - Subordinates gain indirect fitness o Coalition buddies were .42 o Benefit to dominant o Cost to subordinate o Net benefit shows that subordinate do get indirect fitness; 1.7 offsprings equivalence - Social selection o Peacock has extravagant feathers o Social signals - Badges of wasps o Spot number and brokenness higher in larger wasps o Evolved in attracting mates and beating up rivals? o Socia
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