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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 3 - Discussion 4.9 - Depending on whether it’s natural selection vs. kin selection, it would be dishonest signals or honest signals - Mimicry in squid o Colour changes when small muscles contract o Colour signals; position of bodies, modifies o Honest signal to the female that releases the pigment, could be either used for deceive or hide from potential mates, or honest signal to other females that they’re ready to mate - Mimicry in squid and octopus o Mimicry octopus mimic flat toxic fish  Dishonest signal - Diversity of communication flashes by different species of fireflies - Katydid mimicry of cicada calls o Bigger species producing signals to species they want to prey upon o New environment theory?  Do something to forest, not enough time to see evolutionary change of the maladaptive species  Time related issue o Net benefit theory?  If male doesn’t respond to calls, he’s not going to mate  However, most of the time, they will take the risks because the net benefit is still more than the net loss - Video clip: Assassin bug producing vibration on the web and then attracts the spider and then the bug eats it - Discussion 4.10 o Most scenarios, there’s not much predators around o The benefits are usually more than the costs o The assassin bug may produce bigger vibrations, so if the cos
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