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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 1 - Animal behaviour - Spotted hyena greeting ceremony o Exchange of info from signal and receiver o Honest threat display o Transparent o Two females with high androgen level and have pseudo penis o The individuals were telling each other about their status by scent o Using scent to judge whether female has high testosterone meaning she’s pregnant o What’s the benefits for both? - Seals video o Why does honest threat signals persist? - Discussion 4.5 o One sometimes hears that the reason why so many species resolve their contests via mostly harmless threat signals is to reduce the number of injuries and thereby protect the breeding adults needed to produce the next generation of offspring. What’s the problem with this hypothesis?  Why do we cooperate? - Levels of analysis in the study of animal behavior o Deep croaks deter rival toads o Deeper sound or higher pitch will emit from the mating male o How do we test whether this has any effect on approaching males? - Deep croaks deter rival toads o Honest signals happen by default o Depending on what size the toads are, they make a certain sound - Honest signals of size in the barking gecko o Distress calls and frequency of the calls - Honest signals of size in the weeping lizard (unidentata) o Vocalizing o Traditionally, they were thought to not have produced soun
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