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Lecture 4

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

BIO318 Lecture 3 - Bird songs video o Intricate - Types of avian communication o Mating calls usually - VIDEO o Complex sounds o Copies the sounds of at least 20 different species o Incorporates other sounds it hears in the forest  Car alarm, camera shutter, chainsaw, etc; o The bigger the repertoire, the more attractive the bird is o Can recognize dialects of different species of birds  When they hear foreigners, they are very defensive o Producing low noise and high noise o May take 2 years for cowbirds to know his song properly - Auditory signal processing o Sending different signals o Changes in amplitude and action potential o Behavioural changes - Song sparrow sounds o Song and calls area used for different things - How (and why?) is honesty maintained? o More versions you can handle, the better off you are o If something is out of the ordinary to the residential bird, they will try to match their song of the i
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