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Rosa Da Silva

The Neural Crest  considered to be the forth germ layer  form crucial cell and tissue types  epithelial-mesenchymal transformation  digest extracellular basal lamina, involves matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) Transcription Factors Mediate Neural Crest Delamination  delamination, separation of neural crest cells from neural plate and tube  transcription factors:  o FoxD3 o  over-expression, delamination all along neural tube o Slug o  over-expression, only delamination of head neural crest o bone morphogenic protein 2/4 Losing Contact and Finding Their Way Home  lose cell-cell adhesivity, as they digest through basement membrane  form new cell-cell associations SEM of Neural Crest  false colored SEM image of neural crest migration Neural Crest Cells Migrate Through the Embryo  migrate to diverse types of cells  No N-CAM during migration Major Derivatives of the Neural Crest  four major groups: cranial, trunk, vaga and sacral, cardiac  mesectoderm is mesenchyme derived from ectoderm Migration of the Neural Crest  N-Cam is cell adhesion molecule found at neural crest when at neural folds and at site of differentiation, not during migration  tenascin, collagen, proteoglycan, laminin and fibronectin are detected in routes taken by neural crest  enzymes secreted by emigrating neural crest digest pathway Immunoglobin Superfamily: N-CAM  CAM belongs to Ig superfamily  not all cell adhesion molecules are CAMs  calcium dependent, homophilic  cadherins also lost during migration  N-CAM  o glycoprotein o 30% sialic acid sugar residues o intracelluar domain, amino acids mediate intracellular signaling o extracell
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