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Lecture 27

BIO380H5 Lecture 27: Lecture 27- The Renal System -Pgs 376-383-

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Nagham Abdalahad

Urogenital system arises from the intermediate mesoderm of the early embryo Urinary system forms before gonadal development Early Forms of the Kidney (Three successive phases) Pronephros- this type found in the lowest vertebrates Human embryos- urinary system consists of a few segnentally arranged sets of epithelial cords that differentiate from the anterior intermediate mesoderms at 22 days of gestation- structure called nephrotome Nephrotome connected laterally with a pair of primary nephric/ pronephric ducts that grow towards the cloaca Early stages of urinary system development depend on the action of the retinoic acid which sets the expression limits for hox 4-11 which determine the craniocaudal limits of the early urinary system Mesonephric unit- vascular glomerulus, glomerular capsule wirh mesonephric tubule which empties into the primary nephric duct known as the mesonephric duct Mesonephric tubules arise as outgrowths from the primary nephric ducts Ureteric bud developement is an epithelial outgrowth by the mesonephric duct near its attachment site to the cloaca 5th week- uteric bud grows into the posterior region of the intermediate mesoderm ; continuous inductive interactions = formation of a deifinitive kidney (metanephros) Metanephros Messenchymal cells of the intermediate mesoderm condense around the ureteric bud to form the metanephrogenic blastema Outgrowing ureteric bud will have two types of messenchyme- intermediate mesoderm and tailbud messench
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