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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Daniel Da Silva

Lecture 9- fertilization cont. - Human zona pellucida is made of 4 major glycoproteins - ZP4 is a connecting protein. ZP1 and ZP4 are important for structural integrity of the zona pellucida. - Non-growing oocyte = possibly a primary oocyte that has completed mitosis (and is paused in prophase I?) - ZP protein genes are only expressed during the time period the zona pellucida is forming. - Up to 50 enzymes in the sperm acrosome have been discovered, there may be many more yet to be identified. - By the time fertilization happens, cumulus oophorus drops off. - Prior to sperm contacting the egg, it contacts the corona radiata. But what triggers the acrosome reaction is the contact with the zona pellucida. - When the sperm touches the membrane of the egg, most of the acrosome has already vesiculated so what touches are the sperm membrane and the egg’s cell membrane. - Sperm has to be able to contact the ZP and to stay attached to it. - GalT
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