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University of Toronto Mississauga
Judith C Poe

Diffusion and Effusion diffusion - process by which one gas mixes with another effusion - process by which a gas escapes forma container through a small opening QUESTION: How deeply will the things that are not covered in the lectures be covered? on average, knowing how to do the problems: knowing the theory recording? b. molecular velocities 1) at constnat T, the average kinetic energy and velocity are constant 2) wide range of values for the kinetic energy and velocity of individual molecules 3) Relative avg velocities depend on relative masses v1/v2 = sqr root ( m2/m1) lighter things move faster, heavier move slower REFER TO NOTEBOOK c. diffusion and effusion rate, r 1) r a v 2) M a m Graham's Law r1/r2 = sqroot (M2/M1) where M is molar mass Problem An element that exists as a diatomic gas at STP effused at 0.324 times the rate of effusion of he under the same conditions. Identify the element. refer to notebook Molecular velocities are high, e.g for He at 25 C v = 1400m/s, 5040km/hr diffusion rates are slower than velocity and effusion rates are slower than diffusion rates diffusion is slow because the molecules are constantly
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