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CHM120 Pre-Lab Experiment 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Judith C Poe

TA : Sarah Wondmeneh 30 January, 2013 Experiment 3 Pre-Lab Questions 1. The temperature gradually drops as the solution is freezing because the concentration of the solution increases as the pure solvent in the solution freezes. This means that as the solution is freezing, the solvent part of the solution decreases which alters the total concentration of the solution which leads to a gradual decrease in temperature rather than a constant value. 2. Since the miscalibration was due to manufacturing error and not an experimental error, the results will be the same as a properly calibrated thermometer. This is because, in this experiment, we are interested in finding the change in temperature and not static values for temperature. Thus, if there is a miscalibration in the manufacturing process, it would affect all the data points equally and when the net change is calculated, it would result in the same value as if a properly calibrated thermometer was used, given that there is no experimental error. 3. Molality is used as the unit to measure con
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