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Judith C Poe

TA : Sarah Wondmeneh 27 March, 2013 Experiment – 5 Pre-Lab 1. The light absorbance is an experimentally measured quantity which is directly proportional to the concentration of the solution. This means that when absorbance is measured through a light-sensitive machine such as a spectrophotometer, the level of absorbance of a particular wavelength of light increases as the concentration of the solution increases given that the wavelength is kept unchanged. The following equation demonstrates the relationship between the light absorbance and concentration of the solution Where ‘A’ is the absorbance of light and ‘ ’ is a constant known as molar absorptivity constant. ‘cx’ measures the concentration of the sample solution while ‘I’ represents the path length in centimeters. 2. Rate constant is a proportionality constant that is specific for a given reaction at a given temperature and does not change as the reaction proceeds. 3. Assuming the rate of a reaction has the unit Mol/sec in the reaction  Zero order reaction: when the rate of reaction does not change when the concentration of the reactants change, the rate is independent of the concentration. o [ ] o Unit = Mol/sec  First order reaction: If the rate doubles when the concentration of the reactants are doubled, the rate depends on [A] to the exponent/order 1, [A] . o -1] o Unit = sec  Second order reaction: If the rate quadruples when the concentration of reactants
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