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Lecture 5

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Thottackad Radhakrishnan

Lecture 5 Wednesday, 15 January, 2014 11:02 AM Today's Topics: Announcements: Homework:   Practice problems have been posted on portal  Assignments (for marks) will be posted when the topics have been covered  Practice problems can be handed in for extra marks Lecture Topic: De Broglie (1924): wave-particle duality  Photons (light): by combining Planck's and Einstein's equations on energy,  Electrons:by combining the standing wave equation with Bohr's equation,  is called de Broglie's wavelength ○ Every particle that is moving is in a wave and has a wavelength, called de Broglie's wavelength ○ "When I conceivedthe first basic ideas of wave mechanics in 1923-24,I was guided by the aim to perform a real physical synthesis, valid for all particles, of the coexistenceof the wave and of the corpuscular aspects that Einstein had introduced for photons in his theory of light quanta in 1905" ○ Sought to expand the wave-particleduality to all particles 6  Example problem: consider an electron moving ~1.0x10 m/s, 1% of the speed of light ○ ○ Since the wavelength of the electron is comparable to atomic di
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