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th Chemistry September 30 2013 For ideal gas PV/nRT is always 1. On non-deal gasses there are deviations that increase with lower temperature and lower density. For every chemical in the gaseous state there is some temperature in which it does behave ideally. That is called its Boyle point. Deviations from Ideal Behavior (P=a/V 2(V-b) = RT expand P(v-B)-a/V2(V-b) = RT PV(V-b) = RT- a/V (2-b)PV(V-b) = RTV –a/V (V-b)2 PV= RTV/V-b – a/V PV/RT =V/V-b – a/VRT Let V/V-b = V+b/v V = V – b 2 -3 = 1+ b/V b = 10 L b2 = 10 L6 2 2 V –b2 = V PV/RT = 1+ b/V – a/VRT = 1 + 1/V(b – a/RT) = 1 When b = a/RT For H2, a = 0.2444 L *atm*mol -1 b = 0.026661 TB= a/RT = 0.2444/0.02661 = 112K or -101 C 0 TB = Boyle Temperature Unit 2: Chemical Equilibria (Chapters 15-17) 1. Define in terms of rates and rates constants H2+ I 2 2HI Kb is the rate of backwards reaction to respe
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