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CLA101H5 Lecture Notes - Heinrich Schliemann, Google Earth, Gigabyte

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Andrew Graham

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Lecture 1 - Sept 8th
Lecture Title: Introduction and Syllabus Review
Professor Andrew Graham is an archaeologist (Not a Classicist)
During the introduction lecture on September 8th a few interesting,
and important, points were emphasized:
- The Mid-term test includes material up to and including October
13th, 2009 class.
- You can look at previous exams on the library website in preparation
for the exam to help you get an understanding of what to expect.
- Online practice maps will be available to the class to assist you with
the each of the map quizzes. Utilizing the online practice maps will
count toward your participation mark!
- (paraphrased) "We don't have history until we have writing." [Prof.
- Everyone should know where the Persian Gulf is on the world map!
Numerous wars have either been named after this "gulf" due to the
fact that, sadly, numerous wars have been fought in and around that
area, which was covered constantly by most, if not all, of the major
News Networks.
- Heinrich Schliemann discovered Troy! Without this discovery many
movies/books, for example the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, wouldn't
have been produced/made.
- The assignment(s) doesn't need to be in a specific format but any
references made, or the references rather, should be in MLA form.
-We will need a USB key (1 gigabyte or higher) for the Google Earth
-HMALC, located on the 1st floor of the library, is also known as the
Smart Classroom, where the tutorials will sometimes take place
A Few Additional Reminders:
- Course readings MUST be completed; it is recommended that you do
the readings on time for the lectures or it will be difficult, if
not impossible, to pass or to earn an appealing grade.
- The course readings can be accessed on the UTM website under
"Portal", located under "CLA 101" after logging in, and finally "Course
Documents." If you have any problems and require assistance in
accessing the readings, it is your responsibility to ask for assistance
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