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Lecture 5

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Andrew Graham

Lecture 5Oct 6th Lecture Title The Bronze Age of Italy and GreeceLectureItalian Bronze Age ChronologyEarly 23001700 BC Middle 17001350 BC Recent 13501150 BC Final 1150950 BC What followed Bronze Age in Centre EtruscanLatin culture has influenced our interpretation of the dataTry to get the BROAD overview of whats going onbut some specifics are necessaryCyclades are the greek islands located right above crete in the early Bronze age they represent a distinct different culture possibly bonus on exam Minoans are not Greek the later Mycenaeans wereTurkeyAsia MinorAnatoliaCarbon 14dendrochronology are ABSOLUTE dating techniques although they have pitfalls ie trees age is determined by when it was cut down not necessarily by when it was used to build sheltersetcMinoans came from near eastprobably from Anatolia via island hopping not certain but what is most commonly thoughtStorage Jars Denote economic organization known as redistributive economicsChiefdoms DoliaItaly PithoiGreeceCreteOrigins of Minoan Civilizations 3 different opinions Came from Near Eastisland hopping by 2500 BC first real citiesMYRTOSbest prepalatial siteequal distribution of goodsno major buildingssimilar to Turkeys Catal Hayuk
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