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Lecture 12

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Lecture 12Nov 24th Lecture Title Lets Go To The Movies Greece and Rome in Todays WorldProblems with historical films See Rosenstones concepts from the reading below READINGSWords and Images Images and Wordsmajor problem with historians and historical movie makers is making a historically accurate film and meanwhile making it engagingRosenstones concepts used to describe the relationship between history and film Rosenstones 6 points 1 Films package history as romance or comedy where people try to escape or overcome a problemalways with a postive outcome Therefore truth is distorted to make it more exciting 2 Present history as a story of individuals and leave broad historical problems unaddressed 3 Highlight emotion of the human experience 4Prone to falisify history since the look of history is more important than its accuracy 5Offers a closed completed and simple past Tends to gloss over imperfections Films make history simple 6film Cant teach us anything we dont already know Gladiator and the Myths of RomeThe movie gladiator was made in 2000 by Ridley Scott and it portrays the roman empire in 180 ADStories of Roman mythology whether true or untrue served as inspiration for Romans to imitate the Gods behavioursSaying With an army behind you you could be extremely political can have you arrested and executed for treason in 180 ADEmperor or Senate is not something someone would have said in 180AD but from someone in 17th century EnglandThe Praetorian Guards murdered the successor emperor and put the empire up for auction Gladiator is true to the myths of Rome in an unhistorical way
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