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Lecture 9

CLA204H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Aegisthus, Kleos, Historicity Of Homer

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Daniel James Thornton

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Tell: accumulation of remains of remains of human occupation - becomes a hill
Convinced that the Iliad had a historical foundation
Collaborated with people in Turkey to find Troy
Troy II is too early for Homer
Troy VII is the Troy of Homer
Troy: has many layers of occupation. Went right to Troy II
Troy: has a walled part and dense part around it
Schliemann: German fascinated by Greek literature (Homer)
Found pots of their period: Hellenistic IIIA
Art and daggers with images of war and hunting
Walls: so big they said they were built by cyclopes
Found a group burial for elites, earlier than the citadel - honoring own ancestors
Found the mask of Agamemnon
Grave circle with tombs
SO parts of the poems reflect a historical past
Mapping of the catalogue of ships (Iliad book 2)
Now Mycenaeans: placed value on warriors
Achilles kills Pentheselea
Dark skin
One of the most beautiful men in existence
Falls to Achilles
Memnos: king of Aithiopians/ Ethiopians
Vase: has a gorgon head - he had it on his shield
Could not be looked at by the gods
Achilles is the only one who could look at it
The shield had the whole cosmos and Achilles could carry
He dies with it and there is a contest for it
2nd best hero: Ajax - he should get the armor
Odysseus: gets the armor by lying, with a silver tongue
He thinks he is great because he fights without the help of the gods
Athena: steals away his wits
Ajax decides to cut down Agamemnon but slaughters all the sheep instead - hallucination
Ajax places his sword on the ground and jumps on it to kill himself
SO Ajax got really mad because of it
Achilles dies - killed by Paris
He needed Apollo's help to do it - but…they all get help from the gods so it's no big deal
Paris/ Alexander the great as a hero: he takes down the best warrior of the field (ironic)
He had the bow of Heracles
Odysseus gets it back
Phokletes was abandoned for 10 years on the way to Troy - on an island
Heracles' bow
Odysseus sneaks into Troy to get it
He disguises himself as a beggar to do it
The Palladium (in Troy)
Neoptolomus (grandson of Achilles)
They made it looks like they left, gave up
They left behind an "offering" to Poseidon, a big horse
Leave a guy behind a as a traitor to tell the Trojans what the horse is for
Some of the army leaves
Leave the best warriors hiding inside the horse
The offering was dragged into the city
The Trojan Horse: beware of Greeks bearing gifts
To conquer Troy they need…
Cassandra was holding on the her statue
Ajax drags Cassandra off and rapes her
When touching an image of the gods, it's a great sin to harm someone
Odysseus goes to get Achilles' son by tricking him with a sword
They needed the Neoptolemus (grandson of Achilles) to win the war
Achilles' son was hidden as a girl so he doesn't go to war
AND he kills Priam's son in front of him, there too
Neoptolemus killed Priam on Zeus' altar - SIN
The sack of Troy and the hubris of the Greeks:
The Trojan women play:
The Aithiopis:
The sack of Troy
Lecture 9
Thursday, March 23, 2017
11:11 AM
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