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Lecture 2

CLA204H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Matis, Atlas Mountains, Cronus

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Mariapia Pietropaolo

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CLA204 Lecture 2 January 10th 2012
Tutorial dates
January 24
February 14
February 28
March 20
March 27
- Myths are anonymous but the sources are not
- They are passed on from generation from generation
- Myth can address the major cultural issues
- Time period: archaic
- Myths take place in real place and unreal places
- They tell the story of good deeds of human heroes and heroines
Folk tales
- Stories with animals
- These are not gods or heroes
- They have a teaching function
- They explain customary patterns of behaviour
Hesoid life and works
- Father originally from Cyme (in Aeolia)
o Moved to the town of Ascra (near Mt Helicon)
- Hesoid fell out with brother (perses) over inheritance
- Works: theogony, works and days, catalogue of women
- Hesoid and his father were basically successfully
- Theogony: celebrates the rise to power of zeus, he composed a poem on farming
- He breaks down the calendar year and tells you what to do on what year in farming for example
- His works are poems
Theogony and Cosmogony
- Theogony: the origins of the gods
o Theos (‘god’) + gonia (‘begetting’)
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