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Lecture 4

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Mariapia Pietropaolo

CLA204 – Lecture 4 – January 24 2012 Format of test - 1 hr - Some short answers exactly like quiz - Section of text. - Paragraph answer. Etiological ***The study of causes or origins. Races of men and women Hesiod – the myth of Pandora - Humans have a places in his myth - The works of days concerns farming - Farming is work. There are strife. Work is something people have to do and he gives reasons for it - Didactic – means to teach nd - Prometheus – 2 generation titan. He took Zeus side in titanomacy. (war between the titans and the Olympians) o He was in prison with the rest of the titans o His name means forethinker o He is known to be a trickster and he is clever. He likes humans. He taught them many things. o He is a culture bearer. He is famously punished by Zeus. An eagle eats his liver o Hesiod. 521-525 ** o He knows about prophecy. o He tells Zeus about the prophecy. Instead thetis (Nereid) + peleus (mortal) = Achilles (hero) o Zeus is safe. He is still in power. o The wedding of thetis and peleus is a big deal. All gods attend this wedding o Lapetus father of Prometheus and Epimetheus o Cronus father of Zeus Prometheus and Pandora - Bones wrapped up in fat and meat wrapped up in empty stomach at the feast - Zeus chooses the bones. He goes along with the trick - He punishes the human who are Prometheus favourite by taking fire away - Prometheus takes fire back to men - Zeus sends punishment to all men - And so Zeus sends an eagle to pick at this liver everyday - Eventually Hercules rescues Prometheus - He also sends Pandora to send a curse to all men (Zeus sends her) CLA204 – Lecture 4 – January 24 2012th - Men: we don’t get why they are Prometheus favourites - Ovid, met 1 p.3 - Earth that Prometheus moulded, mixed with water, in likeness of the gods that govern the world. Pandora - Her name means all gifted or all giver - She is cursed to man kind - Zeus gathers up all gods and has each of them give her a gift - Hefistes the craftsmen gives her the form moulded out of clay - Aphrodite gives her desirability. And the ability to causes - Hermes gives thievish morals. ( hermes is the god of messengers, and the gods of thieves.) - Each of the gods, give something out of their own - Athena gives weaving - He gives the gift to apemetheis (brother of Prometheus), he has already been warned, that he should not accept such gift from the gods. He does not remember this when he is offered this girl so he happily takes her as his wife. Pandora’s jar (box) - Why does she have jar in works in days - Presence of women, explains presence of evil. - Hesiod further explains misery of human condition - The women took the jar in her hands - She’s been told not to open the jar. She opens it either way - Only hope stayed inside in there. She threw back the lid before hope flew out the door. - Cloud gathering Zeus. Hesiod WD..94ff. p74 o Epithet o Hope stays inside the jar all other evil stuff fly out o It explains why humans ending having to work. - This mean is an etiology. (can be used to explain something ex. Hades and proserpine used to explain the seasons) o Homeric hymn Demeter: she demands that a temple be built for her after - Prometheus and Pandora provides explanations for things - He uses to explain human customs - men would eat the best bits of the meat and sacrifice the left over to the gods - sacrifice was the central act - humans come between animals and gods - animals eat raw food CLA204 – Lecture 4 – January 24 2012th - the gods don’t eat raw food or cooked food or food at all. They use the smoke used in their honour - Homeric hymn: they eat emproga and nectar is what gods eat and the smoke from the burnt offerings - Pandora: she explains the origin of women - The work men must do is primarily is because of women. They do more because of women. Hesiod conveniently ignores the fact that women are responsible for the important job of taking care of the home and running and fetching water - Women stay inside the house. They have to have a man supervising them. All of this is ignored by Hesiod. They eat a lot of honey. - Hesiod. Theogeny 591- 601 pg 47 - Women are compared to bees. They are consumers. They consume other people’s works. Like bees - They people who produce: men. Theme in works in days (why we have to day) . strife means work - Basically he says that we have to work because of women - Prometheus offers Zeus something at the feast that looks good on the outside but not so much on the inside. Zeus then curses people with Pandora who is very beautiful on the outside but she is evil (the jar) - Zeus chooses the b
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