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Mariapia Pietropaolo

CLA204 Lecture 5 st January 31 2012- Legends- human characters, about heroes, mythical narratives involves - Heroes became objects of cults. They played a role in their communities Hero: homer: uses the term to define any noble or well born male warrior who is alive. Later on it referred to figures from the past. Subjects of cult and myth. The heroes came to be worshipped as those dwelling under the earth. - These guys are not gods. They are not divine. They are not immortal. Heroes are mortal. We can consider heroes to be class of exceptional mortals that have believed to have lived in the time of myth. Whose deeds or sufferings, mark them out as especially memorable. - They are thought to be buried, around herone where the cult grew up - This was the place for the cult worship. These are tombs, monumental of the heroes - Heroin at lefkandi : he has weapons and armour. (these are temples) - The religious cult activity, got sacrifices. They got everything gods got - Spread of alphabet text or poems. Which were memorized - Heroic cult, which were similar to the cults to the gods. The celebrations were similar. They got sacrifices. except they were sacrificing to the mortal - The souls of the dead was the object of sacrificing. - There aren’t many heroic myths Gilgamesh – King of uruk - Ruled for 126 years (which is not true) - He is a real king - There are cycles of stories - 2/3 divine and 1/3 mortal (he is destined to die at some po
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