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Lecture 6

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Mariapia Pietropaolo

Cla204 – Lecture 6 – February 7 2012h Hero - Bie= force (archetypical heroes, like Heracles) - Metis = cunning intelligence - Heroes in myth are not distinguished by birth o Sometimes partially divine - They have abilities beyond the mortals - They are exceptionally strong - These heroes rely on their physicality - Hero of metis: rely on their mental abilities (kind of like tricksters) - Heracles has force - Hero often has an ambiguous character, in-between nature and culture - Often represented as defending or advancing culture - There is also a beastly side - A culture hero: these kinds of heroes allow culture to flourish. They may even introduce cultural advances. But heroes transgress boundaries for culture and therefore cause problems for their community - Hero are frequently compared to lions and bulls o These are fierce, scary and threatening animals. o Potential fear of these heroes too because they are so strong and power o Hercules: does go mad at one point and he kills his wife and children (like what an animal would do...he also dresses up as a lion) - Hero has an ambiguous relationship with his community - Panhellenic : there known for all of Greece - Hero is viewed to have a duty for his community - He also has the potential to harm - They have a superior strength. They can use their powers for evil instead of good - Heroes, sometimes lack self control. Hercules is known for eating, drinking and womanizing too much - Or they can be the targets for divine manipulations - The gods generally react jealously to heroes - Heroes must court of the favour of the gods - Heroes must honour all the gods - What happens if heroes don’t worship the gods? The heroes get punished - The line between mortal and immortal. No one goes from one to another - All the Greek heroes remains a mortal - Heracles is the exemption. He turns into a God Heracles - The greatest and the famous Greek hero - He is the most mysterious - There are lots of stories, but no epic story that tells the beginning to end of his story Cla204 – Lecture 6 – February 7 2012 th - He is the archetypal Greek hero - His adventures take him all over the Greek world, and the underworld - And he was worshipped as a hero and as a God - Zeus + Alcemen = Heracles - Alcement + Amphitryon = Iphicles (Heracles twin brother) - Hera wants to kill the children of Zeus and Alceman - Hera sends two snakes to kill the babies - The infant (Hercules) strangled the two giant snakes - The 12 labours (athloi) for Eurystheus (he is the mythical king for argos) - Eurystheus (know how to spell for quiz) is scared of Heracles, so he makes a big jar and hides in it - 12 olypians, 12 titans, 12 months of the year....significant number Heracles’ later life nd - 2 wife of Heracles, Deianeira (means mankiller) - Hercules and Achelous fight for Deianeira through a contest - He meets Deianeira : wins her in a contests, fights Achelous - Deianeira: how does he find out about her before the contest: he hears about her from his brother (Meleagros). When he is in the underworld. Heracles beats Achelous who is a river god - He is going to bring her back home with him. On the way home, they have to cross a wide river. Half horse half men (Nessus), “I can swim, I can put Deianeira on my back”. - Deianeira is in on the back of Nessus and in the middle of the river he tries to rape her. Heracles see’s this and shots him with an arrow - She collects the blood and keeps it as a love potion - Iole, is someone Heracles sees and wants to bring her home too. - Heracles wears the cloth that has the poison that Deianeira puts on the cloth to give to him to win him back - This is how Heracles dies because he is in the pain - Apotheosis: deification, the process of becoming a god - Heracles becomes a God up in Olympus - Heracles marries Hebe as a God - The fraying of Prometheus. Heracles kills the eagle and sets him free - Heracles wants to know where the garden is to find the apples and Prometheus says that the apples are near Atlas and so Heracles sets Prometheus free - Heracles offers to hold the Sky for Atlas and makes him go get the apples. He comes back, and says “I’m not taking the sky back”. Heracles wants to finish his labour and says that it is not his punishment. - Then Heracles says that he is offering to hold the sky if he can hold the sky for one minute so that Heracles can find a pillow/cushio
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