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Lisa Trentin

Gods and Goddesses on Olympus Apollo, God of Prophecy - From Lycia (Asia Minor), he is not one of the original Olympians - Early associated with shepherds and wolves - Sometimes associated with light – called the sun god o Hence his relationship with Artemis (night – the moon goddess) - Laurel tree = sacred plant - Arrow = weapon of choice – bring plague and disease - He’s also associated with music (lyre), poetry, arts, and athletics - He’s the patron god of Delphi – also an oracular god and the prophetic deity of the Delphic Oracle - Lovers: Daphne, Hyacinthus, Coronis Birth of Apollo - Zeus and Leto (Titaness) had Apollo - Hera persecuted Leto by saying that Leto cannot give birth on any island that the sun touches - Leto ends up finding 2 islands (Delos and Ortygia) to give birth (she gives birth to Apollo on Delos) - Hera, then kidnaps Eileithyia (goddess of child birth) to prevent Leto from giving birth - The other gods bribed Hera into giving her back by giving her a giant necklace - Then, Apollo was born Apollo at Delphi - Apollo’s role in prophecy was especially associated with his cult at Delphi - Apollo welcomed in Olympus - Apollo wants to rule Telephusa’s land, but she tells him to go to Delphi - Apollo disguises himself as a dolphin and told a ship to go to Delphi - Once they reached Delphi, Apollo turned into a priest and told the men on the ship to be priests and to build a temple for Apollo The Delphic Oracle - Pan-Hellenic, even world site 800BC – AD 394 - Center of the world, marked by the omphalos - Apollo spoke through a prophetess, the Pythia, seated on a tripod in the Temple of Apollo - Also had moral overtones: o Nothing in excess “MEDEN AGAN” o Know thyself “GNOTHI SEAUTON” - His oracle lost prestige after recommending surrender to Persians, but remained important for personal matters - Closed down in AD 390 by the Roman Emperor Theodosius Hephaestus, God of Smiths - God of Blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans - Non-Greek origin (from the island of Lemnos) - Only disabled god in the Greek pantheon – he’s lame – - He’s married to Aphrodite o Zeus gives Aphrodite to Hephaestus to prevent conflict between the other gods o This shows balance within relationships - Other myth claims he was rejected by
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