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Communication, Culture and Technology
Hisham Ragab

Guest: Games: How players make decision in game Play similar to website, application as interface Plays allow people to make mistake Design of cheating Global lost The video game is an actual form of system, but not same as real life Flow: Experiment done by Csikszentmihalyi Challenge of game designer: how to get the player get into the flow channel Flow channel = optimum game flow Cheating: People like cheating Design: Panic When you got hurt in the game, you hide behind the rock (repair), come out fight again Historical analysis Old software of game changes to new software of game Manipulation of time is the key way of making decision Develop: How can we use cheating? Huge shift to group working class, before is critical thinking Genetic sequences? Prof: System link to game Critique of that, views of developer and designer What technologies do you have to have to participate in society? Society: people bound together Cell phone, computer, Wi-Fi connection, social networking, music, car, language Remember what assumption you have made when you speak Cell phone is the first thing to get when come to a new place Things structure in a pro-tech way What’s the potential reason for the type of technology? Are you blogging or do you read any blogs? Are you posting your photogra
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