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Communication, Culture and Technology
Rhonda Mc Ewen

End of Last week‟s lecture (10). The “real world” creates a bias of the online world – creating judgements. Virtual places are constructed and can be a source for activities that are good & bad (community and bullying). Cyber-bullying is a new platform for bullying, mirroring the offline world. Multiplexing --- It is hard to maintain relationships when knowing them in different contexts, trying to different them, making it hard to manage. ______________________________________________ Lecture 11 Guest Speaker: Critical Analysis of Video Games. Games of Cultural Phenomenon Wed comic, looking at the humorous side of “geekness”. PAX is a fan- generated event that supports the gaming. Implies that being raped is being okay. Some think that issues around comics are funny and others serious; there is a level of debate. “Hey relax, it‟s just a joke”. There is a boycott against PAX and Penny Arcade because of a person‟s opinion of the „Dickwolves‟ t-shirt. Features of game culture are that persons find a sense of identity, they belong to a community; this results in problematic gender issues. When a woman tried to challenge gender and gaming, she was given death threats; the issue of gender and games creates a large outcry. She created a database so the public can add to the message. It captures identity, gender biases, & stereotyping. There is a commonality in all persons using online spaces to vent. Bleeding between online & offline is not too much in public. There has been a movement where public bullying is not tolerated, online it is harder to monitor. Shutting off one outlet opens another – allowing it to go unchecked for longer. There is a difference in online behaviour when the opposite player is known. Games as Objects 1. Games are considered storytelling – a different kind of book, a sequence of events. 2. A game is about play, that is difficult to track, and rules that can change. CONFIGURATION: we interpret games and stories, they act upon us. A game is something that people play. A play experience is the action of preforming specific actions to reach a goal that trigger a person to persuade their
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