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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
David Smith

CCT109H5 Lecture V Tuesday, May 21, 2013 Week 3 Class 5 Module 2: Print Culture ­ From Reformations to Democracies  THE PRINTING PRESS  "Yahoo takes big leap with $1.1 Billion deal for Tumblr." Last Class  Commodification: content, audiences, and labour  Example The Simpson  ICTs and new media have intensified commodification. Based on the fact that social media can scout out your interest easier.  Cultural appropriation: relationship between production and consumption of music This Class:  Transition from oral culture to print culture....  Not just about paper or printing press, but rather what it enables us to do  Print carries the individuating power of the phonetic alphabet much further than the manuscript culture could ever do. Print if the technology of individualism.  How do we read? In front of a book reading a book in silence, which is different from Mass.  Social Epistemology - the "mental equipment" which people use to imagine forms of community. How do we know that we know? Changes to Social Epistemology Philosophy -Science -Government- Journalism Philosophy:  Early Christianity  Religion is the book  Clerics/Priests charged with sacred duty of interpreting the word of God  Literate clergy versus illiterate massses  Latin versus Vernacular (Everyday language)  Language as emanations of reality, not representations Parchment versus Papyrus  Papyrus  Exclusive to Egypt's Nile Delta region  Centralized production to the Roman bureaucracy  Very fragile  Parchment  Massive decline in papyrus imports following collapse of Roman Empire
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