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Communication, Culture and Technology
David Smith

CCT109H5 Lecture XIII Brandon Chan Apple CEO hints at new "game changer" devices, pans Google Glass Today  Continuation from last class: freedom versus control in digital interactive environments  The mobile turn in computing and software development.  Post Fordist business model  Digital enclosure and ubiquitous computing Fordism Production (Overproduction as Norm)  Revolutionize quantity is produced, and emphasis on assembly line procedure.  Not just for cars...  Flexible production, flexibilism, flexible specialization  High degree of automation: reskilling of workers (often towards specialization. Sometimes reduction of labour through machinery  Layering of ICT logistics onto traditional assembly line models of mass production, contact-driven production agreements, highly robust/responsive production model  Shift away from "mass production" or over production towards tighter inventory control systems producing commodities in response to market demand/forces, in tirn greater specialization of commodity production  Heavily dependent upon global distribution chains  Not all parts of the sum will be made in the same part of the world.  Why??  More efficient methods of producing the same product  If not all process of a production is in the same area throughout, then there is an increase of interdependency  Greater control of a certain production  Example, not all parts of the Apple iPad is assembled in the same country. (Battery, camera, SIM card slot. Mobile ICTs Mobile Computing  Creates a huge market for mobile devices to be used for work.  Example Apple iPod commericial.  iPod revolution? Significance  Has been around the 1980's  Walkman with cassettes existed long before, and portable radios.  Unique content in an iPod, buying a computer will allow you to customize what parts.  Flexible production - Fordism  iPod = iTunes (Software) + iPod shell (Hardware)  Online shopping.  Ubiquitous Computing  Coined by Mark Weiser  AKA ubicomp, ambient intelligence, Internet of Things "e
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