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Communication, Culture and Technology
David Smith

CCT109H5 Lecture 10 999831240  "What's so social about social media?"  Surveillance, Consumer Culture, and Social Media  This class (Talking about social and new media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc..)  New media under surveillance  Think about and understand social media as domestic surveillance  Present ourselves online  Understanding the political economy of social media  Stimulating brand engagement  Starting points  Have you ever "Facebook creeped" someone after meeting them. What about someone you never met?  Why do we do that? Curious about a person? In every regard. Interested in personal information and photos. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Tagged in a photo you don't want. Employers look at the picture. Time investment into facebook  What does it mean to "prune" your friend list (i.e. remove people from your friend list or your news feed?)  People become increasingly aware that they are being watched  Delete "friends" because they were only added to have as many friends as possible.  What do we mean by surveillance ?  "Big brother" approach? Not really...  Suppress conversation, sites stimulate you to say something about oneself.  Not really about CCTV but digital surveillance. (Collecting information about a person)  Surveillance as "bad"? Pleasure in viewing others. Surveillance is always been around. Drivers license, passport, etc  Surveillance as lateral visibility, people watching each othr, and being watched in return  Panopticon
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