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CLA204H5 Lecture 2 999831240 Hesoid Text  Written sometimes in the 8th century  Inspired while working as a Sheppard near Helicon  Poem is a hymn to Zeus and ways he gained power  Dactylic hexameter  Ancient and easy to remember, because the way they fill out the meter.  About 900 line long, Homer came before Hesoid, but only a bit. (No way to be certain)  Different origins of how the Gods came to be.  Hesoid`s work survived therefore it is commonly used.  Hesoid's work was considered the best and most famous by the ancients.  Cosmogony - dealing with the origins of the world  Parallels of Hesoids work comes from the Middle East  Prt - Indo-European meaning for bread God's  Zeus has his power from his father but is not his father.  Gaia is the m
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