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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Rhon Terulle

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It is important to keep in mind that it is not about the technology but how people use the technology. To understand the idea of (or what constitutes) a ‘revolutionary technology’, we need to understand the root word ‘revolution’. This word has been so used, abused, taken advantage of, and dragged around many times from context to context. Revolution is more than just rebellion, protesting, or deviating from the norm. Revolution is about a process of transformation. Also, according to French philosopher Pierre-Félix Guattari, by definition, revolution brings something unpredictable. So, it is fair to say that a revolutionary technology is about having unpredictable outcomes and about a process of transformation. In addition, a revolutionary technology is life-saving or life-changing, and it is not selfish—not for personal amusement only, but improves the lives of others. If these are the criteria, then the photographic camera deserves the title ‘revolutionary technology’. The photography camera not only changed history, but transformed culture. We were able to document history through photographs, which helped us in our understanding of historical events, people, and places. Not to mention, photography also disrupted art history. The camera changed the way we see things. Again, it is not about the invention of the camera, but how people used it. Ma
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