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Lecture 3

CCT225H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Icloud, Relational Database, Cloud Computing

Communication, Culture and Technology
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Intro to information Systems Lecture 3
Buyer power-
weak -switching power can’t use apps on windows for ex. can only us on iPad
as an individual consumer if you boycott their product it wouldn’t make much of a difference b/c
lots of people like it
Supplier Power-
Threats of subs+services-
minimized the threat by creating hardware + software that work together
ecosystem of software that communicate with all apple devices (icloud)
brand- 87% loyalty people keep buying it
porter- generic strategy -apple’s iPad
romantic thinker- look at the beauty of the product
generic S
2 dimension :
1- how are you seeking for competitive Adv- differentiation(features buyers put value on) or cost
leader (must be in one of these 2 categories)
2. broad market or subset
Apples comes down to branding
Company Strategic focus (both depend on looking at data b/w suppliers or customers)
Supply chain management:
-managing the flows among stages in supply chain (get product at good time + cost)
4 basic components :1. strategy -how are you meeting customer demand who deliver what we need
3.Operation-schedule for production activities
4.Logistics- product delivery process
Software exists now to manage the above
-porters 5 forces of squeezing profits
-some will try to beat us by price, features
-buyers will want lower cost, suppliers for higher prices
-substitutes will try to provide similar products
-new competition will try to get some of the profits
SCM help an enterprise:
-if we can meet buyers needs faster + better features = gives us an advantage
supply chain binds the buyers to us - forms trust
SC reaches out to multiple suppliers for the same thing (reverse auctions)
multiple suppliers = more negotiating power
Customer Relationship management:
-creates satisfaction
-increase customer loyalty + retention = contributes to organization profitability
-look at pattern of content that ends badly to rectify customer relationships
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