Congressman Scandal

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Max Evans

Congressman SextScandalWeiner Resigns Amid Sexting ScandalBy NubreedRep Anthony Weiner has decided to resign from congress as he faced pressure from his political peers and the public In a press conference on June 16th 2011 Weiner announced that he would leave his position in Congress to allow his party to get back to serving the American people as he is a distracting people from the real issues at handWeiners resignation has come about after almost three weeks of controversy that started when conservative blogger Anthony Breitbart claimed that he had sent a lewd photo of himself to a Seattle college student over Memorial Day weekend At first Weiner claimed that he had been hacked and this claim was backed up by some liberal media personnel like Cenk Uygar of the Young Turks who is also a host on MSNBC However about a week later Weiner came clean and admitted to sending risqu photos of himself to several women including the one who he was initially connected to and that he also lied about being hackedA few more women have come out and claimed that Weiner sent them lewd photos of himself as well as text me
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