CCT250H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Jewels Of Darkness, Adventurequest Worlds

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1. The site is designed to promote Native
American beliefs but has a variety of subjects that con#icts with those beliefs. It is
also designed poorly, pictures aren’t aligned. The site has no contact information
which is rather surprising for a site with that much information.
2. I like this ad because of the intensity in each of the models eyes. The text “Take it
On SVA” complements that intensity and as a whole representing the School of
Visual Arts in a creative but feirce manner.
3. Another altenrate reality game that works according to Jane McGonigal's six key terms
is Adventure Quest Worlds.
Cross-Media: The clues and brand new missions are sent to you not only in the game but they are
also sent to the email the account has been registered with. Connecting the real world to the game
Pervasive: The map is very speci6c, leaving no space for guessing, e very mission
has its precise location. Also it is played across a variety of locations.
Persistent: Adventure Quest is available 24 hours and the action unfolds in real
playing time.
Collaborative: The game forces you to connect with a variety of players, it can’t be
played in isolation, it is very strategic.
Constructive: Communities are formed via forums and other platforms. Groups
formed may go on adventures together in order to beat tough opponents.
Expressive: You get to choose your character’s appearance and customize the
weapons the character uses.
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