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Communication, Culture and Technology
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CCT260Lecture 6What is a definition of a wireframe aka tree diagram or flowchart of the websitevisual guide in web design that suggests the layout of fundamental elements in the interfaceprovides a visual reference on how to structure each page of a websiteallows variations of a layout to be developed to help maintain design consistencya skeleton version of a website depicting navigational concepts and page contentcontaining only sketchy text contenta set of crosslinked pages that acts like a functional prototype of the final website without the graphicsDanah Boyds Research youth engage in peerbased selfdirected learning online friendshipdriven practices vs interestdriven networks In both friendshipdriven and interestdriven online activity sometimes they behave in geeking out which is becoming a specialist in a certain topic very quickly and intensively youth create and navigate new forms of expression recommends that educational institutions facilitate this engage particularly as experts in their fieldWhy talk about Artificial IntelligenceAccording to Tim Berners Lee Artificial Intelligence is the nextgoal of the Semantic Web in which Intelligent Agents retrieve information uniquely suited to your personality profile and goals through correlating metadataex playing chess with the computer Brockman article Let us calculate where the computer masters the gameChess with Artificial IntelligencePlay chess against a transparent intelligence its evolving thought process visible on the board before youcurves show potential movesoften several turns in the futureconsidered by the computerOrange curves are moves by black green curves are ones by white The brighter curves are thought by the program to be better for whiteHTML vs XMLHTML is the set of codes thats the markup language that a writer puts into a document to make it displayable on the World Wide Web XML is a structured set of rules for how one might define any kind of data to be shared on the Web XML eXtensible Markup Language XML is a markup language like hypertext markup language HTML HTML governs the appearance of the information you look at on the Web XML complements but does not replace HTML by adding tags that describe data These tags are invisible to the people who read the document but visible to computersWhat is RSSRSS RDF Site Summaryformerly called Rich Site Summary or now Really Simple Syndication is a
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