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CCT260 Web Culture and Design Fall 2011 Tutorial 1 Building a Simple Web Page through Hand CodingTutorial OverviewEssential naming conventions and terms in HTML to understand and study Review handout for homeworkIn Class Tutorial Part 1 Viewing source code in Firefox to see HTML commandsInstructions Go to Menu Firefox View Page Source and look in browser window 5 minutesIn Class Tutorial Part 2 Using TextEdit to handcode your first page of HTML Building a web page through four primary tags html head title and body Go to page 5 and start with 4 Creating your own web pageUnderstand that container tags must appear as pairs with a beginning and an ending with the exception of unpaired tags 30 minutesIn Class Tutorial Part 3 Viewing Source Code of Sheridans Web Site in Safari Go to Menu Firefox View Page Source and look in browser window Try to recognize the structure of information according to the HTML you have learned5 minutesReading on on how the Internet works 15 minutes httpcomputerhowstuffworkscominternetinfrastructure1htmReading on how web servers work httpcomputerhowstuffworkscomwebserverhtmTerms to know POP backbone server difference between client and server IP address ISPQuiz on learning HTML and CSS httpwwww3schoolscomhtmltryitaspfilenametryhtmlbasicDownload Is Google Making us Stupid httpwwwtheatlanticcommagazinearchive200807isgooglemakingusstupid6868 and read it for the next class Essential Terms to Know Memorize and utilize five naming conventions tags elements container and empty tags as well as the HTML commands for heading paragraph ordered and unordered list 5 Essential Rules for File Naming ConventionsBy learning these rules now and applying them from the beginning of the course you will save hours of work and frustration in the future as you learn HTML name files and pages design images build web sites and upload files on to servers In order for your files to traverse the network successfully you must name them in accordance with established file naming conventions 1 Avoid character spaces in filenames Although this is perfectly acceptable for local files on a Macintosh or Windows machine character spaces are not recognized by other systems It is common to use an underscore character to visually separate words within filenames such as andrebiohtml 2 Avoid special characters such asetc in filenames It is best to limit filenames to letters numbers underscores in place of character spaces hyphens and periods 3 Use proper suffixes HTML documents require the suffix html or htm if on a Windows server GIF graphic files take the suffix gif and JPEGs should be named jpg or jpeg If your files do not have the correct suffix the browser may not recognize them as webbased filesTutorial 1 CCT260 Web Culture and Design Fall 2011 1 Naming Conventions and Building a Simple Web Page through Hand Coding
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