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07 Representing Memories Representing Memory with Images/Film  Postwar French Photography o Can be read as ideological representations. They have a certain argument that underpins the way they work o Images like this such as riding up on Jeeps, parading through the streets o Celebrating a victory of France, England, etc. against the aggression of Germany  Ideological Photo? Why? o French baguette, suspenders, child as the future (life goes on) o They had their cities bombed and invaded by Germans, the fact that there is a child represents that the French way of life goes on o Bread is as big as the child and therefore is shows plentiful – signifier of the supply change rising up  Unconstraint, mobility  For French, they believed that by surrendering, they are less brutal and saved lives. However, Americans believed that the French did not have a backbone  Post-World War II Photographs 1945-1959 o WWII they are bombing, and there are still kids who keep on horsing around. They play in the rubble and clean if they can. There is an ideological statement that life will go on and the next generation will rebuild o Rebuilding ideology of overcoming Hall: Dominate Representational Paradigm  These pictures present a Dominant representational paradigm  A ‘Dominant representational paradigm’ means the representation contains a certain vision of historical events based on the choices of the photographer based on his/her ethics…not a pure historical record o If we put those three images together, we start to see a pattern. Rebuilding of social authority, children, police working again, crossing guard, bakery is back in business o There is a dominant representational paradigm about being resilient  Why ‘Paradigm’? o Paradigm means model o Thomas Kuhn (1962) said: each period has a dominant paradigm, but these change over time o People once believed the earth was the center of the universe o Kuhn addresses how scientific ‘facts’ change o We can ask the same question about ‘reality’ o A ‘paradigm shift’: we see things in a new way Hall: French Photography  1945-1959 Photos presented a ‘more inclusive image of France and French-ness’ that managed tensions during a tumultuous time for the nation o A way of managing contradictions. Ideology is the symbolic resolution for contradictions. It helps us manage the contradictions that we live with o At that point in history, everything is destroyed and in debt. They could’ve scattered, but instead France made the other decision of rebuilding their society  You see ideology spring up back and again. For example, flag waving during the time of attack  all unite under the banner of the American flag  There is an interesting moment of harmony between Canada and United States  The same thing happened in England when the bombing of England was bad  Another example is the image of a boy from Algeria saluting the French flag o These images help manage a contraction  There is a defiant nature. You cannot stamp out French-ness. You cannot stop that. The big monuments are still standing. Nothing can be rebuilt  Hall: Postwar French Photos o Appeared to be ‘objective reality’ o But represented the dominant paradigm  For instance, focused on the ‘everyday’ person, event, or object  Focused on Romantic humanist scenes  This focused often celebrates the city or the nation (
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