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Neil Narine

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Why is there advertising? What does it do? Does it work? When & Why did advertising BEGIN? - The first national campaign was for a shoe polish in England in the 1820’s - Socio historical factors make and made advertising a feature of everyday life over 2 centuries The Birth of Advertising -Industrial Rev. from 1760 to 1850 - Before the revolution, land was the primary and really on source of income - Industrialization came about with many changes - people moved into cities to wqork into factories, causing MASS PRODUCTION to come into effect Mass PRODUCTION only requires MASS CONSUMPTION!! - mass production needed consumers to buy products in order to sustain the system and workflow of life - this was essentially a form of MASS DEMOCRATIZATION During the 1850’s and 1900’s - because of migration and displacement people suffered a loss of direct connection to land, work, and trade - this caused a strong homogenization of workers where EVERYONE had and did the same tasks - Causing a crisis of uniqueness and individuality and their IDENTITY - There was no real meaning to anything or to work and the bigger picture of things Mass Production - Workers divor
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