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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

Part 1: Sexuality & Advertising “Media at the Margins: Homoerotic Appeals to the Gay and Lesbian Community” by Gary Hicks 2 Central Issues • Homosexuality has historically been underrepresented in popular media including ADS • Representation is critically more important for GAY people. The absence of gay and lesbian representation continues in “invisibility” and “closeted” discourses Common misrepresentations of gay people in the media during the 1950’s to 1980’s (post war ) * Common stereotypes would place the gay person as worthy of ridicule or of violence: Sissy, Cross-dresser, Killer? • INFO: A 1984 study indicated that Self identification by gays is not even possible until an identity is acknowledged by the media Polysemous Potential • As fears of homosexuality lifted *sort of), advertisers also begin to play with polysemous potential images (ambiguous ) in the 1970’s and 1980’s • “many meanings” • “Gay Vague” – images that were meant to attract the gay consumers without alienating the straight population Community Specific Ads // Question • How do marketers target groups bases on style, age, gender without losing the mainstream balance?? By the 1990’s • By the 1990’s advertisers and companies began to advertise in gay magazines • The largest advertisers are BEER companies • There was major emphasis on GAY COUPLE as being “just like us” • Example // Bud Light’s be yourself compaign In the 90’s Ads started working playfully with stereotypes • The “catch 22” of underrepresented groups seeking to be represented was that “they are always in the position of representing themselves in their difference from the more DOMINANT GROUP” • Their tends to be a resurrection of stereotypes. The difference is that the actual stereotype is now being used as a benefit (So to speak) as opp
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